We believe that we succeed when our clients do.

We have had great experiences working with companies and organizations like Cisco Systems, ETA, Volvo, G.ho.st and others. These partnerships give us a unique advantage in the Palestinian market, with experience in creating outstanding applications for both small and large companies in a wide range of industries.

Here are testimonials from some of our valued clients:


Cisco Systems

The work with ASAL has more than met our expectations. Milestones have been reached on time, the quality of the work is high, and good relationships have been formed between our research and development team and the ASAL team.

We at Cisco Systems believe that the Palestinian Territories could very well be an up-and-coming center for outsourced research and development projects.

We are happy to partner with ASAL and gain the benefit of working with talented people in the Palestinian Territories. It all started January 2008, when John Chambers made a commitment to seed a model of job creation and economic development in the Palestinian Territories.

One of the selected projects was to outsource research and development projects to Palestinian companies. The board of directors of Cisco Systems Israel was excited to take ownership of this project. The interview process was exhaustive – we interviewed over eighteen companies and selected three.

ASAL Technologies is one of the three companies that we are proud to work with. We currently have 10 ASAL employees working on two different projects led by two team leaders.

ASAL engineers work with Cisco Systems’ networking management technology group on the ANA platform development and testing.

As one of our engineers, Yossi Shani, research and development manager, said: "The ASAL team is highly motivated, working hard to achieve the goals and deadlines set for the project.”



From November 2005 to August 2006, ASAL Technologies executed a project on behalf of Volvo IT.

The scope of the project was to migrate a Java based system for the bundling of truck deliveries to a new .net platform. All work was delivered from the ASAL offices in Ramallah with a secure connection to Volvo IT France in Lyon.

The collaboration was done through phone meetings.The outcome was successful and everything went according to plan. The most important factors that helped to ensure a successful delivery were:

?      An interactive, continuous dialogue to manage changes and avoid misunderstandings

?      A project set up that had a good fit with the context

?     The skill of the people in ASAL contributing to the delivery




“ASAL Technologies helped G.ho.st to build a world-class software engineering team in Palestine with cutting edge web and server skills.

 That team went on to build a revolutionary consumer cloud computing product which won international technology prizes and currently has 160,000 users in every country.

The ASAL team has always been professional and fun to work with."

Zvi Schreiber, CEO, G.ho.st



Winbond President Yonatan Levy was first introduced to ASAL in a Young Presidents Organization meeting. Mr. Levy searched for an independent testing facility to provide his company with Microcontroller & IO Board design verification and testing. During the same time period, the Winbond parent company was looking to expand research and development activities in China.  Mr. Levy started thinking that it would be better to hire a Palestinian engineer to develop less complex products, for reasons related to cost calculations as well as problems of language, culture and deadlines.  After consideration of the alternatives like China and building a local team, he realized that outsourcing to Palestinian engineers would be a better idea because of the proximity. ASAL and Winbond joined efforts to interview candidates and build a design verification and testing team that will be based in ASAL headquarters.

Later on, Winbond had an idea for a gadget and developed the hardware components but did not have the expertise or resources to develop the software.  Since they had a relationship with ASAL, they asked if we could provide this service for them.  After agreeing on the terms, the ASAL professional development team worked with Winbond on developing the idea into a working software solution.  We accomplished this by defining the requirements and determining the feasibility.

There are also terrific benefits to our customers, beyond the IT assistance, including reduced travel and communications costs, low employee turnover, less likelihood of intellectual property theft and finally, working with Asal makes us more competitive to meet customer demand deadlines with reasonable cost and good quality.

Sample Clients