Cisco Systems

The work with ASAL has more than met our expectations. Milestones have been reached on time, the quality of the work is high, and good relationships have been formed between ASAL and our research and development team.

We at Cisco Systems believe that the Palestinian Territories could very well be an up-and-coming center for outsourced research and development projects.

We are happy to partner with ASAL and gain the benefit of working with talented people in the Palestinian Territories. It all started January 2008, when John Chambers made a commitment to seed a model of job creation and economic development in the Palestinian Territories.

One of the selected projects was to outsource research and development projects to Palestinian companies. The board of directors of Cisco Systems Israel was excited to take ownership of this project. The interview process was exhaustive–we interviewed over eighteen companies and selected three.

ASAL Technologies is one of the three companies that we are proud to work with. We currently have 10 ASAL employees working on two different projects.

ASAL engineers work with Cisco Systems’ networking management technology group on the ANA platform development and testing.

“As one of our engineers, Yossi Shani, research and development manager, said: “The ASAL team is almost too motivated. They’ll actually work the right way foremost and not need ‘wake-ups’ to meet deadlines set for projects.”

Z. Abzuk, Cisco Systems