CISCO designs, manufactures, and sells internet protocol (IP) based on networking and other products related to the information technology industry. They offer a broad line of products for transporting data, voice, and video within buildings, across campuses, and around the world.

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Intel Corporation is the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker. Intel develops advanced integrated digital technology products, primarily integrated circuits for industries such as computing and communications.


Mellanox Technologies is a leading supplier of end-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect solutions and services for servers and storage. They increase data center efficiency by providing the highest throughput and lowest latency, delivering data faster to applications and unlocking system performance capability.


Microsoft develops and markets software, services, and hardware devices that deliver new opportunities, greater convenience, and enhanced value to people’s lives. Additionally, Microsoft develops, licenses, and supports a wide range of software products and services.


LivePerson is an online marketing, web analytics, and expert advice company. Their primary products involve making communications much more efficient and open, especially in the work place. For everyday people, LivePerson is an online destination, community, and marketplace where individuals can chat live with experts in a broad range of categories.


Helping hotels turn data into profit by using real intelligence


Nuvoton is a digital, analog, and mixed signal semiconductor company. They are producing Super I/O, Embedded Controllers (EC), and Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) for the PC industry.


Rawabi, the first Palestinian planned city, is the largest private sector project ever carried out in Palestine. The city integrates international planning principles, sustainable environmental practices, regionally-suited architecture, state of-the-art infrastructure, and ease of access for both residents and visitors.

University of the People

University of the People (UoPeople) is the world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, and degree-granting online academic institution dedicated to opening access to higher education globally for all qualified individuals, despite financial, geographic, or societal constraints.

Elfi Systems

Elfi helps customers to plan, design, and implement their changes in Business Processes with worldwide benchmark ICT architecture and solutions, providing high quality and time effective services that move Financial Technology to the next level. Elfi systems supplies ideas, consultancy and technology, striving to align business strategy with IT architecture and solutions, along with total integration of company operations and processes.

Super Control

SuperControl offers a powerful online booking system; it gives customers marketing tools and business reports to help them achieve higher occupancy. SuperControl inquires about clients’ needs and has an ongoing development program that ensures our online booking system retains its reputation as an innovator and market leader.


Equiom helps organizations build software from the ground up, from a good idea to full production, and all the steps in between. Equiom’s experts can help brainstorm, conceptualize, evaluate potential solutions, and help customers develop the right path forward. Equiom teams are local, global, and focused on helping achieve your strategic business goals.


Porticor produces high quality cloud protection measures to ensure data stored in the cloud is free from intrusion or manipulation. Their products are meant to enforce public and private trust of cloud data storage and comply with all regulation standards.


Comply is a provider of specialized, off-the-shelf scientific and process data management software products. They offer Professional Consulting Services to support and enhance Life Science companies in successfully meeting unique industry demands.


IMO provides reliable quality control services and certification of organic, eco-friendly, and socially-responsible products. From agriculture and aquaculture to forestry, cosmetics, and textiles, IMO provides and develops solutions that really make a difference.

Dynamic Flow Computers

Dynamic Flow Computers operates in various fields such as petrochemical and refining, wellhead, liquid pipeline and storage, and gas pipeline and gathering.

Haver & Boecker

Haver & Boecker is one of the world’s leading wire weaving German companies. It manufactures packing and screening machines for the raw material processing industry.


Expressio is web-based dictionary supported by volunteers. It currently contains seven million definitions.


Cloudyn is a leader in cloud monitoring and cost optimization that governs and optimizes cloud deployments across public, private, and hybrid clouds. Their SaaS solution delivers unprecedented insights into usage trends and cost allocation coupled with custom prescriptive actions for enhancing performance and reducing cost.


WebTeb is the largest Arabic-language health and wellness site, with the most traffic, content, tools and doctor listings, serving over 300 million Arabic language speakers.

Redwood City Dental Center

Redwood City Care is a comprehensive dental office offering general dentistry, cosmetic makeovers, and full-service dental implants.


HP is a leading global provider of products, technologies, software, solutions, and services to individual customers, small to medium businesses, and large enterprises. Their customers include governments, health care providers, and the education sector.

Million Brains

MillionBrains is a collaboration tool bringing organizations together with talent across the globe using the Attraction Tool; a dynamic search engine. With its versatile pool, MillionBrains allows users to find talent or to brainstorm around a specific talent. The MillionBrains community consists of actual users (talent and organizations) and challenges (a question or problems in need of solving).

Sunreach Consulting

Salesforce solution consulting and developing data management and IT workforce development programs for young professionals worldwide.

Project Sage

Project Sage began as an incubation project by Microsoft. It is involved in cloud based technology which will enable customers to use state of the art recommendation engine in an efficient way.