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Senior Full-Stack Developer Active

General description for the project:

The US Healthcare system is extremely complicated and very hard to navigate financially. Our client platform gives insights and beneficial actions triggers to hospital personnel helping patients afford expensive treatments, usually for critical and chronic life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Our client is a data-driven startup focusing on gathering many types of data from numerous sources and programmatically and accurately build tools that help our clients - the hospitals in the US.

 A key part of the platform will give reliable and exact representation of assistance programs available to patients. It will continuously gather data, parse it, consolidate different sources of data, run triggers and alerts and help perform actions such as applying or registration to applications, claims and status updates. This would be performed using multiple web interfaces, digital endpoints and via fax service integration.


As a senior developer, you will have the following responsibilities:  

- Designing and implementing robust framework for running a number of microservices sharing common technologies and infrastructure components. Some of the microservices would also have simple web interfaces that you would create. You would also share the responsibility of understanding a multitude of terms and entities common in the healthcare industry and plan the software accordingly.


- Previous experience in Node.js as backend technology

- Previous experience in React/Angular as frontend 

- AWS infrastructure - EC2, S3, RDS - (preferred)

- Passionate about code and learning new tools and platforms

- Team player who knows how to work individually and as part of a growing team

- Strong communication skills and English command.


  • Crawling, Scraping, Processing and Storing data sets in different public web-pages
  • Interfacing with web endpoints for money transfers (Wire/ACH orders)
  • Interfacing with systems working with ASC X12 (Healthcare electronic data protocol)