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Marketing Manager Active

Job description:


  • Create and develop new innovative ways to communicate the company message to the existing customers.
  • Develop and implement an internal marketing action plan.
  • Create marketing campaigns and work with local and international external PR agencies to see them executed.
  • Identify business opportunities by identifying prospects and evaluating their position in the industry; researching and analyzing sales options.
  • Conduct buyer journey research, and help our team optimize our website, marketing touchpoints, and sales approach accordingly.
  • Segment lists based on behaviors like past email engagement and website interactions
  • Create the strategy for nurturing our leads through a mix of helpful content and other calls-to-action.
  • Find new approaches to lead nurturing, including but not limited to channels like email, social media, blogging, and events
  • Manage and build various email lists and campaigns, including the design templates, calls-to-action, and content used in your email sends.
  • Inform the sales team about our customer behaviors and buying preferences and patterns.
  • Craft customer surveys to gather data and insights.
  • Attend events and interact with customers to further understand the problems and challenges we can solve for them.
  • Maintain good relationships with the local community in the ICT sector including the governmental sector, NGO’s and private sector.




  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, business administration or related field
  • 4-5 previous experience in a similar marketing role.
  • Strong and confident communicator.
  • Fluent in English: speaking, writing and reading.
  • Excellent presentation and public speaking skills.
  • Excellent copywriting skills and experience.
  • Experience in using CRM and EMS (e.g. Mailchimp)
  • Experience in Marketing Automation tools
  • Design skills including graphics are preferable.