ASAL Technologies is the largest software development house in Palestine. Our services range from Software Research and Development, to BPO(Business Process Outsourcing) to Professional Services.

Our main method of collaborating with clients is Staff augmentation. This is where our engineers and project managers engage with your team and become an extension arm of your company.

The best way to ensure quality when dealing with international clients in the outsourcing world, is to keep open lines of communication at all times. This allows for precise planning and execution that are guaranteed to deliver top quality service. In addition, our project managers are Palestinians who have worked internationally before joining our team, meaning we have international standards in mind. Looking back at our history with clients, we have maintained a 95% customer retention rate.

Our main business model is an offsite service provider. However, if the milestones of a project require onsite visits, we are more than happy to be present and work side by side with our clients.

Yes. Palestinians are able to travel to any part of the world. Provided with the proper and necessary documentation, Palestinians can acquire a visa and travel to any destination.

When compared to other outsourcing destinations, Palestinian companies are considered to offer generally lower prices. And when taking into considerations more important factors, such as quality of work, experience and track record, specialization, infrastructure, and time zone differences, a simple cost benefit analysis would indicate that having ASAL Technologies as your service provider would provide you with the most value for your money.


Yes. We do have internet and electricity. Over the past 60 years, the West Bank had not sustained any outages due to political reasons. Currently ASAL Technologies has two fiber optic cables from two different ISPs to ensure 24/7 internet connectivity. And short term plans are to move the headquarters of ASAL Technologies to Rawabi -the first Palestinian smart city- where the infrastructure of the whole city has been optimized to meet international standards.

No. Though it is hard to visualize if one hasn’t visited Palestine, the reality is that the political situation does not affect our ability to conduct business as usual with all of our clients. And to ensure that our employees can always access their workplace, we opened up a new branch in north of Palestine, and future plans are to open up yet another branch in the south.